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Sierra Madre an Oak Tree

A beautiful old oak was the focal point of the yard plus three gingko trees that seemed stranded

in the lawn waiting for direction. 

I redesigned the brick walkway changing the line slightly and making it wider for a more elegant and easy approach to the entrance of the home with added path lighting

Then working across the property I designed a river rock arroyo to run horizontal to the road running from the large oak tree through the three gingko trees capturing them on the river rock bank. A quartz gravel walkway was created to run along side the house as to gain access the back side yard and the driveway.


The layout of the hardscaping and paths helped to align all the existing elements on the property. The planting plan included California natives, a combination of hardy perennials and hedging material for privacy.

My clients were fearless and I was so honored that they trusted me to make such a dramatic transformation to their property.

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